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Got a will? Here are 11 more end-of-life documents you may need

Anyone remember the death rate in the United States? It’s… one per person. 
Nobody is getting out of here alive. We never know when death will happen, just that it will,” Amy Florian explained to a group of financial professionals. 
In these days of coronavirus, the need for detailed instructions for your financial and digital affairs is timely. 
Kelli B. Grant explains:
1. a living will: dictates what medical treatments you do and don’t want in different circumstances.
2. POLST: Physician orders for life sustaining treatment,
3. Power of attorney for Healthcare/Healthcare proxy.
4. Durable power of attorney: names the person to pay bills and make financial decisions on your behalf. 
5. DNR/DNI orders: do not resuscitate/do not intubate.
6. Diminishing capacity letters.

7. Organ donor designation.
8. Life insurance

9. Personal property memorandum to be included with a “letter of last instruction” 
10. Digital assets memorandum: “Specify in your will who you want to own or have access to your digital assets and accounts like social media and email.”
11. A list of where important documents and items are kept

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Source: Financial Planning for Women