Law School or MBA? Consider the debt implications

“Most M.B.A. programs leave federal student-loan borrowers with manageable debt loads, a WSJ analysis found. At about 98% of universities that offer the masters of business administration programs, graduates typically made more money two years out of school than they had borrowed, according to the Journal’s analysis of federal student-loan data for nearly 600 programs…

Financial Literacy and Career Resources for College Students and Grads

 Have questions about borrowing, student loans, car loans, savings, setting goals? Need help with your resume and job search? https://www.igrad.com has videos, info, worksheets and more on its comprehensive website. With additional topics like long term care insurance, the site isn’t just for young folks. Source: Financial Planning for Women

Launching Well: Coaching Young Professionals to Build their Financial Capability November 10, 2021 Webinar

 The CFPB and the SEC invites all undergraduate and graduate students to a webinar, on Wednesday Nov 10h from 2:00-3:00PM EDT to provide insight and resources for post-college financial well-being. Establishing a strong baseline of financial capability is essential for building long term wealth. The program will start by defining common financial and investing terms…