Women’s Guide to Making Financial Moves After College

“Graduating from college is an exciting time, full of potential to begin investing in your financial and personal goals. But life after college brings its own challenges for women — especially if you’re carrying the burden of student debt, which many are. It’s helpful to arm yourself with solid practices as you embark on the next phase of your life. The earlier you’re able to start saving, build credit and knock down debt, the better your financial future will be.” Author Nadia Neophytou is a journalist based in New York City.

Among the topics she addresses in the article linked below are:

Common Financial Challenges Women College Grads Experience

Tackling Your Student Loan and Other Debts

Boosting Your Confidence in the Workplace

Establishing a Strong Financial Foundation

Expert Insight on Women Graduates’ Finances– this section includes advice from 6 women professionals. Check it out!

Read the full article to get the details: https://www.moneygeek.com/financial-planning/womens-finance-after-college/