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MoneyGeek.com –A guide specifically for women to address the financial decisions and concerns that are unique to them

Breakfreee.org –BreakFreee is a women’s financial literacy program founded by the California Institute of Finance (CIF) at California Lutheran University. This program seeks to help women alleviate financial concerns and stay out of financial difficulties by providing free unbiased financial information. The program is specifically aimed at lower income women, who are often not in a position to access traditional, paid for financial planning services.

Small Steps to Health and Wealth — Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension’s major health finance initiative is Small Steps to Health and WealthTM. This program is designed to motivate consumers to implement behavior change strategies that simultaneously improve their health and personal finances.

MergersAndInquisitions.com –This site is designed to help business school students break into investment banking. It includes a strong reading list, and career resources.

WalletHub.com — A fantastic site that provides free credit scores and a myriad of tools to assist with improving your financial fitness.

SimplyInsurance.co’s guide to term life insurance — An educational resource on term life insurance.

Driveo.com — Selling your car privately can involve a lot of time and stress. Use these 6 steps now to limit the risks and liabilities of selling your car privately

Bestdegreeprograms.org — A College Financial Guide for Teenagers, additional sources geared toward getting ready for college, but great for everyone.

Pigly.com – Pigly is a free online personal finance guide offering over 100 financial calculators. They recently published an in-depth guide to help teach kids the importance of building an emergency savings plan.

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