Social Security claiming strategies

The 7 most common Social Security mistakes

“Social Security is a complicated element of anyone’s retirement plan. Here are the most common mistakes individuals tend to make and how to avoid them.” by Scot Landborg.

1. Turning on Social Security at 62 while you’re still working.

2. Not utilizing the restricted application strategy (if you are eligible).

3. Remarrying without understanding the consequences. 

4. Waiting on a spousal benefit until 70. 

5. Thinking if you were to die at 70 you would have been better off collecting early.

6. Neglecting to plan in case of death of spouse.

7. Not understanding how Social Security is taxed. 

Read the details by Scot Landborg at: https://www.kiplinger.com/article/retirement/T051-C032-S014-the-7-most-common-social-security-mistakes.html







Source: Financial Planning for Women