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Social Security and divorced spouses

My ex-husband is 60 years old. I am 62. Can I file for benefits now based on his work record?
No. Most workers need to be at least 62 years old to file for Social Security retirement benefits. (Exceptions include survivors and people with disabilities.) That requirement applies to divorced spouses, too.
Before you can claim benefits as a divorced spouse—you must be 62 or older and your ex-spouse must be “entitled” to Social Security. Your ex-spouse must be at least 62 to be eligible for benefits but he doesn’t have to have filed. He just needs to be at least 62 (unless disabled).
Further, if your former spouse hasn’t applied for SS retirement benefits, you must be divorced for at least two years before you can claim benefits on an ex’s work record.
Source: Glenn Ruffenach writing in The Wall Street Journal, Ask Encore, 2/28/19

Source: Financial Planning for Women