Target Date Retirement Funds: The competition heats up

Each year students in my investing class had to investigate individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and mutual funds to select the best fund for their IRA. With tight budgets, student loan payments looming after graduation, and credit card balances, saving for retirement was NOT their top priority. But after seeing examples of compound interest and how…

HELOCs versus Reverse mortgages

For senior homeowners facing large expense such as roof replacement or needing extra cash tomake ends meet each month, home equity lines of credit are one option; reverse mortgages another. Learn the pros and cons of each at https://www.thestreet.com/story/13698522/1/helocs-vs-reverse-mortgages-which-is-right-for-seniors-facing-a-financial-emergency.html Source: Financial Planning for Women

6 Unusual Ways to Get Out of Debt

“Driving for Uber, pet sitting through Dog Vacay and doing odd jobs through Task Rabbit are all options to pick up extra money” according to Andy Smith, a certified financial planner. Maryalene La Ponsie describes the pros and cons of other creative way to find money to pay off debt. Her article includes links to…