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Planning to work instead of save for retirement?

Think again! 7 of every 10 workers in a recent poll claimed they just planned to keep on working… and working… and …. The reality is that about 3 in 10 retirees was forced to drop out of the workforce before they planned due to poor health, job loss/downsizing, or having to care for a relative (often a parent or spouse). So planning to work forever instead of investing is a poor strategy. While working past the traditional retirement age has many potential benefits, there is no guarantee the you will be physically and mentally able to do so or that family obligations will intercede. Even if you love your work and plan to work well into your 70s, it’s prudent to invest to supplement Social Security retirement benefits.
Dan Kadlac explains the risks in the “work til I drop” strategy (or lack thereof) in

“How Planning to Work in Retirement Can Backfire” http://time.com/money/4483139/planning-to-work-in-retirement-can-backfire/

Source: Financial Planning for Women