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Widow Brain: What To Expect After Your Spouse Dies & 9 Ideas to Help

Widow Brain What to Expect After Your Spouse Dies & 9 Ideas to Help

Elliott Appel provides the following perspective and advice:

“Losing a spouse and becoming a widow is a life changing and emotional experience. 

Emotions come and go: anger, fear, sadness, grief, loneliness, pain, shock, guilt, worry, and more. 

Brain fog, or “widow brain” can appear, causing even more frustration. 

Let me begin by saying everyone experiences grief differently. Widow brain affects people differently. There is no uniform grieving process with a step-by-step timeline of what will happen. 

It’s a mish mash of time and emotions. Each person’s experience is unique. At the same time, there are commonalities people share that resonate with others. 

Let’s look at what widow brain is, what you could experience, how long it may last, ideas to help with widow brain, and wrap up with a few financial planning ideas to help make your financial life easier.”

Details at: https://kindnessfp.com/widow-brain/

Source: Financial Planning for Women