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Where to put your "safe" money when interest rates are low

Low interest rates are great when you are borrowing money but frustrating for savers, especially retirees who seek to keep up with inflation but want to avoid risk. Of course, the best way to keep up with or beat inflation, at least before taxes, is to invest in stocks. But you don’t want all your money in stocks due to the high risk of losses in the short run.
So where can you put your savings today?
Look for higher rates at online banks, money market accounts, certificates of deposit (18 months is the sweet spot today). Consider building a ladder of 18 month CDs.
Buy highly rated corporate bonds in bond funds. Avoid “high yield” junk bond funds which are risky and could lose value quickly.
Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond (VCSH) is an investment grade ETF (exchange-traded fund) charges only 0.07% expense ratio and is very highly rated by Morningstar.The fund is currently yielding 3%.
Source: “Investment strategies in a time of low rates” by Michael A. Polluck writing in The Wall Street Journal, April 22, 2019.
Source: Financial Planning for Women