advance health care directive / end of life

Don’t make your family guess your health care wishes

Writing in The Salt Lake Tribune (4/15/19), Chad Bittner, MD explains the need for an Advance Health Care Directive. April 15-19 is national health Care Decisions Week.
It is very important to have conversations with family about end of life wishes and now is the time; not tomorrow, next week, or sometime…. Fewer than 30% of Americans have tackled this task.

  • Discuss
  • Decide 
  • Document

Choose an advocate who can speak for you and express your wishes for care when you are unable to do so.
Talk with your advocate and doctor about your wishes.
Write it down.
Give copies of your health care directive to your advocate, doctor and family members.
Great tools are available at https://ucoa.utah.edu/directives/:

Utah Advance Health Care Directive Forms and Instructions

Get Help With Advance Directives at www.LEAVING-WELL.org

Source: Financial Planning for Women