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Trump shutdown over for 3 weeks: What to do without paycheck?

FINRA offers tips on what to do when you can’t make ends meet due to job loss or being forced to work without pay (what used to be considered illegal).

Job Interrupted—A To-Do List for Tough Times

“Many of us can identify with the plight of the furloughed federal worker. That’s because we have experienced economically stressful times at one or more points in our working life—and may again.
At its most disruptive, your job is lost—and so is your income. Less extreme, but anxiety-laden all the same, is when hours are cut, salary reduced, business opportunities curtailed or paychecks withheld. The situation is the same in all cases: You must live with less.
Here is a short to-do list to get you through situations in which employment is interrupted and income curtailed.”

1. Take control of your finances.
2. Manage bills and debt wisely.
3. Borrow with care.
4. Find out quickly if you qualify for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.
5. Protect yourself from financial fraud and job-search scams.



Source: Financial Planning for Women