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Living ‘With the End in Mind’

“Death is the last thing most people want to think about, yet nothing could be more important—especially with advancing age or after a bleak diagnosis—than preparing for the end and understanding how it can happen. These days, such thinking is likely to include learning about palliative care, a specialty that began with the hospice movement in Britain in the 1960s and has become a growing branch of Western medicine.”
“In With the End in Mind, Kathryn Mannix, a British physician, chronicles her career spent in the field. She has cared for patients ranging from toddlers with congenital diseases to adults with fatal cancers and the frailest of the elderly. With sometimes unsettling detail, admirable empathy and a sprinkling of humor, Dr. Mannix imparts valuable lessons for anyone who faces the loss of a family member or a personal reckoning with impending demise.”Quoted from Laura Landro’s review in The Wall Street Journal (1/18/18).
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Source: Financial Planning for Women