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Having difficulty motivating your parents or yourself to do estate planning?

Behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely has some advice from his column: 
Hi, Dan.
I am trying to motivate my sister, who is 84, to meet with an estate-planning lawyer. She acknowledges the need, but there’s always an excuse for not proceeding. Nothing is happening. Any suggestions? —Paul
Encourage your sister to meet with the lawyer in a restaurant, bar or park (or some other place that she likes) and to bring along a friend whom she likes and trusts. Why? It’s very unpleasant to create an estate plan and to imagine what will happen to your things once you’re dead. Doing this in a pleasant atmosphere, with someone whose company you enjoy, may be enough to counterbalance the unpleasantness. When a positive activity is paired with a dreaded but necessary one, we call this “reward substitution.”
Quoted from The Wall Street Journal, january 18, 2018.
Source: Financial Planning for Women