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Avoiding Surprise Medical Bills

“Surprise medical bills can happen from nearly any encounter with the health-care system” according to Emma Court for MarketWatch. Awareness of so-called “surprise medical bills,” which occur when an insured patient receives an unexpected bill for out-of-network care, has grown in recent years. Emergency room horror stories, in which one or some of the medical providers involved aren’t in network, unbeknown to the patient, have been particularly prominent.”

“Surprise medical bills can also result from nonemergency care, such as an in-network doctor’s visit or elective procedure, and many individuals don’t realize they have options — including some state-level protections — besides gritting their teeth and paying.”

Here’s what to do to protect against — or deal with — a surprise medical bill:

1. Ask questions before hand… where possible.

2. When faced with such a bill: call, ask questions, and negotiate.

3. Contact your state’s insurance department to seek help and file a complaint.  

Get the details: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-expensive-risk-lurking-in-nearly-every-medical-experience-you-have-2017-03-31 

Source: Financial Planning for Women