The Soaring Stock Market

Wondering why the stock market keeps going up? Concerned that we’re in another bubble? How much longer will the second longest bull market in history last? Should you sell stocks? Should you buy more stocks? NPR’s Chris Arnold addressed these questions on “All Things Considered” on Friday March 3. “To get some answers (h)e called up Burt Malkiel, an economist and author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, a classic book on investing.” “Malkiel says people right now have a lot of questions about the market, ‘and what I tell people is nobody — and I mean nobody — is able to tell you whether the market is too high or too low.'”
Arnold continued: “That may not sound very helpful. But Malkiel says you don’t need to know where the market is headed next or why. There are other things that are very important for a successful investor to know. ‘Let me tell you the one thing that I am absolutely 100 percent sure of, and that is the lower the fee I pay to the purveyor of an investment service, the more there is going to be for me,’ Malkiel says. Pay the lowest fees possible. Malkiel says that’s crucial. get the full interview at: http://www.npr.org/2017/03/03/518347917/the-soaring-stock-market-and-your-nest-egg
Paying the lowest fees possible is exactly what this blog has been telling readers for years! If you haven’t watched the documentary “How to win the loser’s game”… now is the time.  

Source: Financial Planning for Women