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One of the best personal financial websites: Humble Dollar

Some of my former students will recall the name “Jonathan Clements” as i used his weekly Wall Street Journal articles in class for many years. Since moving one from the WSJ Mr. Clements wrote a yearly updated book: The Jonathan Clements Money Guide. Now all his content has moved to the excellent website: Clements writes clearly and explains financial concepts in a way that the average person can understand. Further, his approach is very consumer-oriented. Check out: http://www.humbledollar.com/ and especially his online Money Guidehttp://www.humbledollar.com/money-guide/main-menu/. “Welcome to HumbleDollar’s comprehensive online financial guide. This guide started life as an annually updated book, the Jonathan Clements Money Guide, but all the content was moved to the web, with the goal of continuously updating the information and making it more broadly available. Our hope: Whenever you start on a new financial adventure or you’re perplexed by the world of money, you’ll return to this guide—and, fingers crossed, find the answers you are looking for. The guide is divided into 16 parts, which (reflecting its origins as a book) are often referred to as chapters. In addition, there’s a list of key concepts and a detailed index. Looking for a particular topic? Check out the index—or try the search function.” Sign up for his free e-mail newsletter.
I love it that Clements includes posts from his millennial daughter Hannah!
Source: Financial Planning for Women