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Medicare Demystified book

I strongly recommend the book Medicare Demystified (2014) by Ronald Kahan, MD for both Medicare eligible adults and their adult children who may be helping them navigate their choices. As a recent Medicare participant, I had read a lot of info on the internet and yet was still quite overwhelmed by my options. Finally I search online for “Medicare” + “insurance” and “Logan, UT” where I found an insurance company that provides detailed guidance on choosing a plan. My husband and I met with the insurance agent and learned a lot in the process. We were able to make a choice between traditional Medicare + Part D (drugs) + Medigap policy versus an all in one Medicare Advantage Plan. Insurance agents are paid commissions by the insurance companies selling Medigap policies so there was no cost to us.
I would have been in a better position to make a well-educated choice if I had found Kahan’s book first. (Thanks to my brother-in-law Tom who lent me the book). I don’t recommend trying to read the book cover to cover in a few short sittings. I was able to follow the information since I had just been through the process. But I also learned new facts that are critical once one faces medical procedures and costs. So far I’ve just paid my monthly premiums.
Kahan does an admirable job of describing a complex system, ending each chapter with “Key Points” and “Bottom-line Recommendations.” Chapter 7 “An outline for Decision-Making” is especially valuable to the first time enrollee. Part two: “Using your Medicare Plan” is the section you will likely refer to repeatedly in the future.
The book will be a valuable addition to my personal library as we encounter the need for medical procedures and payments. Although one can switch from traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage plans during the annual enrollment period. You can switch between the two plans and within Medigap and Advantage plans during the annual enrollment period.
There are lots of misconceptions and misinformation bandied about regarding Medicare. Having incomplete or incorrect information can be very costly! So buy this book and refer to it as needed. Children of older parents: buy the book, read it to make sure your parents don’t miss sign up deadlines and Help them navigate a complex program as they age and need more guidance.
Source: Financial Planning for Women