ID theft / identity theft

Preventing and resolving Identity Theft

With 17 million Americans affected by ID theft each year, and our increasing use of the internet, the chances of being affected grow with each year. USA Today explains how to avoid becoming a victim and what to do if your identity is stolen. Far worse than ID theft is identity take over. “The scarier type of fraud is identity takeover, which happens when a thief steals your Social Security number and uses your data to open a brand new account without your knowledge. Although this type of fraud doesn’t happen very often, it can be very painful when it does.”
1. Where available, sign up for “second-factor authentication.”
2. Sign up for text message or email alerts with your financial institutions.
3. “Ensure you install anti-malware and anti-virus protection on your computer and mobile phone.”
AND keep it up to date!
Use strong passwords, change them often, and store securely.  Learn more at: 
Source: Financial Planning for Women