Money management guide for those with disabilities and special needs

Financial Resources for People With Disabilities by Daniel Gleich is available on the Madison Trust Company website.

“People with disabilities often face additional financial challenges due to the added expenses that can stem from their disabilities, such as the need for more health care and the cost of equipment required to maintain their independence. But at the same time, research has shown that people with disabilities often have less income than people without disabilities. This makes keeping up with the cost of living increasingly difficult, which is why it’s essential that people with disabilities have strong money management skills. With careful budgeting, it is possible for people of all abilities to meet their financial goals.”

Beside providing plenty of financial advice applicable to everyone, this website is an amazing resource with links to dozens of resources specific to persons with disabilities. Links to Supplemental Security Income, government benefits, income tax breaks, and Seven Surprising Discounts for Disabled People are among the dozens of helpful resources. The website is essentially a crash course in personal finance that all can benefit from and put to use. Check it out:

Thanks for volunteer Julianna and Lisa Echevarria at the Hastings Recreation Center in Minnesota for this information. Check out the website: