Benefits for Veterans & Their Caregivers

A comprehensive guide provides information on available benefits for veterans and their caregivers to assist with day-to-day living. This guide covers a range of topics, including:

  • Different types of benefits that are available for veterans and their caregivers, including financial, housing, transportation, and caregiving support
  • How veterans and caregivers can be entitled to respite care
  • Different support groups available for veterans and caregivers 

“According to studies, caregivers of veterans have a mean age of 70 years; that’s a lot to take on so late in life, and yet family members are still rising to the challenge for their loved ones. It is also believed that as many as 5.5 million Americans are currently caring for a veteran.

Aside from the obvious toll that it takes on a person to provide physical, mental, and emotional support for their loved ones, there are more practical problems that arise. For example, caregivers may need to alter their work schedule, or even give up their career altogether, meaning that there is a direct financial impact on the household. Where a mortgage or rent needs to be kept up with, this loss of income could also have a significant impact on the housing situation.

There are government programs designed to financially aid carers of veterans and currently, it is thought that as much as $5.9 billion is being spent annually to support these people.”

Check out the resource: https://bestmobilityaids.com/veteran-and-caregiver-benefits/