Considering Studying Abroad?

50 facts and statistics about the most popular countries to study abroad https://moneytransfers.com/study-abroad-facts-and-stats/ in 2022

If you or your child is considering study abroad, this publication provides a great overview of the reasons for study abroad and a variety of statistics. Check out https://moneytransfers.com/study-abroad-facts-and-stats/

“It’s often said that your university years are some of the best, most inspiring years of your life – made even more enjoyable and valuable if you choose to take a year out and study abroad.”

“If you ask the graduates who have, they’ll likely agree that becoming an international student away from home can massively enrich your personal, professional, and academic lives. It’s no wonder millions of students choose to pack their bags and take the plunge every year.”

While Russia was among the top ten countries for students coming from abroad at the time of the publication, I doubt that it will be a popular country for most students in the coming year. 

The publication also provides links to many additional resources.