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Six Key Lifestyle Changes Can Help Avert the Climate Crisis

 Less Stuff, More Joy! “Take the Jump”

Six Key Lifestyle Changes Can Help Avert the Climate Crisis

In February the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) issued its “bleakest warning yet,” saying the climate crisis was accelerating rapidly with only a narrow chance left of avoiding its worst ravages. But don’t give up hope.

Governments and individuals making small changes can have a huge impact in reducing carbon emissions. These six steps could cut global emissions by between 25% and 27%:

1.      Eat a largely plant-based diet, with healthy portions and no waste

2.      Buy no more than three new items of clothing per year

3.      Keep electrical products for at least seven years

4.      Take no more than one short haul flight every three years and one long haul flight every eight years

5.      Get rid of personal motor vehicles if you can – and if not keep hold of your existing vehicle for longer (or go electric)

6.      Make at least one life shift to nudge the system, like moving to a green energy, insulating your home or changing pension supplier

‘Taking The JUMP’ is to try the shifts mentioned above for 1, 3 or 6 months. Even if you can’t keep to it 100%, you can still ‘take The JUMP’ and just do what you can.

We’ll offer tips, encouragement and people you can speak to help along the way. Check out: https://takethejump.org/

Source: Financial Planning for Women