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Financial Scams targeting Seniors… and what adult children should know

“Many financial scams specifically target seniors. Knowing what the warning signs are for each of these scams can help you avoid falling for them.”Adult children need to know how to recognize signs of scams that may target their parents… and their future inheritance. 

A Senior’s Guide to Financial Scams (And How to Avoid Them)

Lear: Why Are Seniors Susceptible to Financial Scams?
A quick summary:

7 Financial Scams That Target Seniors

1. Fake-Check Scams

2. Medicare Scams

3. Tech-support Scams

4. Lottery + “You’ve Won…” Scams

5. Investment Scams

6. Grandparent Scams

7. Charity Scams

Get the details at: https://www.annuity.org/financial-literacy/seniors-guide-to-financial-scams/

Source: Financial Planning for Women