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Want a guaranteed 8% return on your retirement investments?

“If you delay Social Security by a year and instead dip into savings to cover the missed benefits, you’re effectively buying an annuity with an 8% payout. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat, as Rick Connor explains.

“How do you buy an annuity from the Social Security Administration (SSA)? For each year that you delay claiming Social Security, your benefit increases by about 8%. The CRR paper makes the case that delaying Social Security, while using your savings to pay current expenses, is the equivalent of buying an annuity from the SSA. The annuity’s cost is the Social Security payments that you forgo in the meantime. What’s the benefit? That’s equal to the increase in your Social Security check you receive in return for the delay.”

Read the article to understand the long term implications of delaying claiming Social Security retirement benefits.  https://humbledollar.com/2021/09/income-for-sale/


Source: Financial Planning for Women