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Remote online notarization (RON)

Besides the Covid factor, RON (also called Remote Electronic Notarization) is useful for convenience and safety, as well as when you are in a different state from the notary. 

Having just helped a relative settle an estate, RON could have saved us some trips to offices. 

Thanks to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for this info. 

“With RON, notaries can meet with you on video to verify your signature on an electronic document.”

Many states have laws that allow RON on a permanent basis. Other states have put temporary measures in place to allow it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

State laws about RON vary, but many include three key parts:

  • Allowing notaries to use audio-video communication to witness the signature;
  • Requiring notaries to verify the identity of the person who is signing the document; and
  • Requiring notaries to record the audio-video communication. 
  • Check out your state’s laws: https://www.nass.org/initiatives/remote-electronic-notarization

Source: Financial Planning for Women