Don’t Need That $1,200 Stimulus Check? Here Are Places to Donate It.

Most Americans will be receiving $1200 checks and $500/child in next few weeks. To some families, this will be far from enough to pay the rent or mortgage and buy food. But to many others, the checks will be an unearned bonus. As a retiree who will not be losing any income and who will be spending less on gas, eating out, and other non-essentials, I plan to donate my share to the local homeless shelter that also runs a food bank. For ideas on more national/global charities in need of money to fight the coronavirus and its repercussions, Amelia Nirenberg, writing for The New York Times, has compiled a list at: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/27/smarter-living/coronavirus-charity-donations.html?campaign_id=12&emc=edit_my_20200330&instance_id=17188&nl=your-money&regi_id=83720664&segment_id=23315&te=1&user_id=bde4c6c63beab087f13b761e1ee9fe1e
Source: Financial Planning for Women