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Retiring in a Bear Market?

No one knows when the coronavirus will subside… when financial markets will level off… when gut-wrenching volatility will settle down.
What can you do as you prepare to retire?
Focus on things you can control!
Thanks to Wall Street Journal writer Glenn Ruffenach for this advice written in December 2018:
Firm up your spending plan (aka budget).
Reduce your debt. Interest rates are super low in 2020. Pay off your mortgage or refinance (see recent post on refinancing).
Determine best time to claim Social Security retirement benefits. (Lots of info in this searchable blog).
Create your own pension. Use dividend-paying stocks, bond funds, and plain vanilla life annuities.
Manage your taxes (lots of info in this blog)
Plan for long term care (Check out this blog)
To quote Ruffenach: “Don’t let the markets along govern your decision; they could seesaw for years. people have more control over their financial future than they realize. And that should help take some of the anxiety out of retirement planning.”
And… you have been reading my blog and following it’s advice for years… right?

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Stay healthy! Get outside and get some fresh air exercise… while its still allowed. 
Source: Financial Planning for Women