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Seven Days to a Better Retirement

The 7 days to retirement challenge is brought to you by The New York Times! Writer Ann Carrns explains the process and why you need to start now. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/06/business/not-yet-ready-for-retirement-give-us-one-week.html?te=1&nl=your-money&emc=edit_my_20191111?campaign_id=12&instance_id=13780&segment_id=18703&user_id=bde4c6c63beab087f13b761e1ee9fe1e&regi_id=83720664

“In the shuffle of immediate priorities, don’t push off planning for what could be the best chapter of your life. Get a week’s worth of simple steps you can take to help plan for and secure a stable and successful retirement.”  Get started here:

Seven Days to a Better Retirementhttps://www.nytimes.com/programs/better-retirement-planning?module=inline

Day 1: What is my retirement?
Day 2: Your financial starting point
Day 3: Set your goal
Day 4: Start saving (a little) more
Day 5: Consider health costs
Day 6: Protect your wishes
Day 7: Consider a financial planner

Source: Financial Planning for Women