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Get money smart. 25 tips to improve your financial well-being from CFPB

This is just a summary of a great website from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; it’s almost like a complete personal finance course in one place. Click here: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/about-us/blog/get-money-smart-25-tips-improve-your-financial-well-being/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=General&utm_content=October2019

Understand where your money goes 

         1. Take our quiz to see how healthy your finances are. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/consumer-tools/financial-well-being/ 

         2. Learn where your money is coming from. 

         3. Learn where your money is going. 

         4. Write your bill due dates on a calendar. 

Small changes can make a big difference 

         5. Create a working budget that matches your cash flow. 

        6. Request due dates for your bills that help you stay on track. 

        7. Compare your spending month-to-month. 

Save for emergencies

8. Give yourself financial security with an emergency savings fund.

9. Set rules for your emergency savingsbut don’t be afraid to use it.

10. Make saving easy by making it automatic.

11. Put extra money into savings at times when you have it.

12. Use your tax refund to help you reach financial goals.

Reduce your debt

13. Before making a plan to pay down your debts, know what you owe.

14. Choose a debt reduction strategy that works best for you. 

15. Learn about federal and private student loans repayment options. 

16. In the market for a car? Negotiating can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. 

Create better money habits 

17. Apply only for credit you need.

18. Set an annual reminder to check your credit reports. 

19. Set up alerts to stay on top of your checking account balance.

20. If you can’t make a bill payment, act fast and call your creditors.

21. When shopping for a loan, get quotes from at least three lenders. 

Plan for success 

22. When planning for the future, set SMART financial goals.

23. Set up a 529 savings plan for your children.

24. Make your savings consistent.

25. Prepare for life events and large purchases by planning ahead.

Source: Financial Planning for Women