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Wells Fargo CEO got 5% pay raise despite all the company’s anti-consumer & illegal behavior!

The Wall Street Journal (3/14/19) reports that Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan received (note I did not use the verb “earned”) “$18.4 million in compensation for 2018, including a $2 million incentive award.”
WOW! Can you believe #1 that level of compensation and #2 in the face of all the illegal and anti-consumer practices of that nefarious company? Writer Maria Armental also reports: “The pay disclosure comes a day after the San Francisco bank received a rare rebuke from a top regulator, minutes after Mr. Sloan finished testifying before Congress, and as regulators consider whether to force out top executives or directors.”
Yikes! Get rid of those guys! It’s time for a clean sweep at WF. If you aren’t familiar with all the many misdeeds and misbehaviors of Wells Fargo executives, simply search online for “Wells Fargo Scandals.”
And we wonder why we have an escalating gap between the 1% and the rest of us!
WF execs and board members are probably the same people who argue against raising the minimum wage!
If you are STILL a Wells Fargo customer… WHY?!?
Source: Financial Planning for Women