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Looking for savings options that pay more than 1/10th of 1%?

Check out Jean Chatzky’s advice on where to find the best savings options today, “How to grow your savings and reach your short term goals faster,” at: https://www.nbcnews.com/better/business/how-grow-your-savings-reach-your-short-term-goals-ncna857871
“Although the average savings accounts are (as we noted) paying peanuts, the best are paying almost 20 times that much. You just have to search for them on a website like bankrate.com or gobankingrates.com.”
High yield checking accounts pay even more than savings accounts because “they make their money on swipe fees. Right now, for example, Blue Credit Union is paying 4% on balances of up to $15,000. Keep close to that in the account for a year and you’ve netted $600.”

Source: Financial Planning for Women