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If your retirement funding plan is to keep working… reality check needed!

Think the solution to inadequate retirement savings is to keep working? That’s what a lot of people thought until… poor health, layoff, age discrimination, or caregiving needs interfered. Fully 61% of retirees left the paid workforce before they planned… and not on their own terms. Even part-time work may be unrealistic; only 29% of retirees report having worked part-time.
Experiences of older workers reveal that planning to keep working to supplement inadequate retirement savings may be unrealistic so you better ramp up your investing (and cut your expenses) while still fully employed. Learn from the real life experiences of others and quit fooling yourself.
Michelle Singletary, writing for The Washington Post, revels statistics that challenge the plans
Learn from the statistics and experiences of other retirees at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/get-there/wp/2018/03/19/no-retirement-savings-thinking-youll-just-work-longer-think-again/?utm_term=.4eab2ae23b37&wpisrc=nl_sb_smartbrief
Source: Financial Planning for Women