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Time to leave Wells Fargo after one more scandal

It is LONG past time for consumers to leave Wells Fargo Bank after one more revelation of customer mistreatment to enhance the bottom line. This time the bank has admitted charging  570,000 of its customers for auto insurance that duplicated coverage they were already paying for, causing financial strain that resulted in many to lose their vehicles. The bank is offering an apology and refunds of overcharges but this is little comfort to people who lost their vehicles and had their credit rating damaged by Wells        Fargo executives lining their own pockets.
This latest scandal of consumer abuse comes on top of last year’s sales scandal where bank employees were coerced into opening 2.1 million accounts using ficticious info or unauthorized customer info, according to Emily Glazer in The Wall Street Journal (7/29-30/17). Also reported by The New York Times. The insurance Wells Fargo forced on its customers was more expensive than the coverage the vehicle owners already had paid for on their own policies.
Wells Fargo customers need to wake up and leave their bank for another bank or a credit union!
Source: Financial Planning for Women